anda arctic filled with ice


anda arctic

Experience the ultimate shower upgrade with the world's first ice shower contraption. Simply fill with ice and place under your shower head.

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anda band gold


anda band

The Smart Wearable to Manage Stress and Anxiety. Enhance your focus, productivity and calm through optimised breathing.

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Must-have features for an ideal cold immersion

🏡 Perfect for small spaces

Living in a compact space? Anda Arctic's compact design fits in even the coziest homes, enabling anyone to enjoy the benefits of cold immersion without sacrificing space.

🌍 Less water, more sustainability 

Traditional ice baths consume large quantities of water and ice, which can strain the environment. With Anda Arctic, you use significantly less water, making it an eco-conscious choice.

anda arctic main features

⏱️ No mess, no fuss 

Setting up an ice bath can be a hassle. It's time-consuming, requires storage space, and results in a wet mess. Anda Arctic eliminates these headaches. It's ready to use in minutes, and when you're done, there's no cleanup.

🚿 Maximum convenience 

Don't have access to a large tub or enough ice? Anda Arctic transforms your regular shower into a cold immersion experience. No need to find space for a bulky ice bath or purchase bags of ice. Get the benefits of cold exposure conveniently in your daily routine.